Hatching – Shudder Movie Review!

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Today I am going to be reviewing a relatively new horror movie titled: Hatching. As mentioned last month, I really want to make better use of my Shudder subscription, so I have decided to watch/review one film per month from the aforementioned spooky streaming service. The story follows Tinja, a young gymnast desperate to please her influencer mother. One day she finds a mysterious egg, which produces a nightmarish creature. Without further ado, let’s get into my honest thoughts!


For viewers that don’t enjoy reading subtitles, please note, this is a foreign film. It was set in Finland and let me just say, the cinematography, vibrant colours and backdrops were absolutely stunning. There was a consistent theme of soft pinks, whites and pastel greens in the movie palette. For all of its beauty, there was a gritty, disgusting side to it as well. The juxtaposition between the polarising aesthetics made it a fascinating viewing experience. Furthermore, I LOVED the body horror, gore and creature-feature special effects. It was both brilliant and effective in making me uneasy. The actress that played Tinja was phenomenal. Apparently, it took months to find the ideal person to play her because the role was so physically demanding. She was worth the wait! Be warned, there are some shocking scenes involving violence towards children. It’s a ‘who is the real evil’ type of story and one that will leave you thinking long after the closing credits.


Honestly, 98% of the film worked. If I had to give any criticism, it would be that I wish we had been given more of an explanation behind the creature itself. Also, there was a lot of vomiting and as somebody who has a phobia of that, I had to look away a lot.


I gave it 4.5/5 stars. It was truly excellent and well worth the watch!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you seen Hatching? What did you think of it? I’ll be back to review another Shudder feature next month!

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