The Ultimate Reading Challenge #6 – Read A Novella!

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Welcome back to The Ultimate Reading Challenge! I outlined in 2022 how the new series will work here, so check that out before progressing further. For my sixth challenge, I read horror novella: The Body by Stephen King. I am going to share my thoughts on it, plus the movie adaptation Stand By Me, as well as what my prize was for completing the prompt. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Spoilers Ahead! 

Plot: ‘The Body’ by Stephen King:

Set in the summer of 1960, The Body tells the story of four young boys who walk 20 miles to see a dead boy’s body near a river.

Review: ‘The Body’ by Stephen King:

The novella reminded me so much of IT, minus the paranormal elements. It is a coming-of-age story about the bonds of friendship, shared trauma and facing up to bullies. There was a lot of heart and depth. Despite the length, King managed to fully-flesh out his characters and provide them with plenty of development along the way. He really got into the mind of the pre-teens, providing an honest perspective of what it would be like to see a dead body at such a young age. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend picking it up.

Review: ‘Stand By Me’:

Stand By Me was a stellar adaptation. In fact, it is one of Stephen King’s favourites…and he has plenty to choose from. I think I enjoyed it slightly more than the novella. The summertime visuals really transported you back to a time and a place when you felt like the world was yours for the taking. River Phoenix was a stand-out in his role as Chris. The rest of the boys were fantastic as well. I did not love the pie-eating contest scene for obvious reasons. Yuck! I also felt the train scene was more effective visually than on the page. Both the film and story remind us that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. TRAIN!

Prize For Completing The Challenge:

As you can see below, my prize for completing the prompt was a tag that reads: ‘There are a lot of books in here.’ It’s cute but not my favourite out of the ones I’ve opened so far.

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next month for a new bookish challenge!

Peace & Love xoxo

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