My 5 Favourite Lost Episodes!

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Today I am going to be sharing my five favourite episodes from the best television series in the world: Lost. In a previous post, I ranked all of the characters, which you can check out here. If you didn’t know, the show follows a group of survivors that land on a deserted island…or so it seems. It isn’t long before they encounter strange happenings and mysterious occurrences. I have watched the entire thing from start to finish more times than I can count and each time, I discover a new layer. All of the episodes are excellent, but the ones mentioned below are top tier. I want to say a big thank you to the_awkward_artist_13 on Instagram for allowing me to use their awesome artwork of Desmond Hume. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Spoiler Warning! 

1.) Dave – Season 2, Episode 18

Dave is my absolute favourite episode of Lost, hands down. It has so much depth and emotion, despite appearing like a filler episode to detract from the actual storyline. The main character is our beloved Hugo (Hurley). In this episode, we learn about his time in a mental institution and former friend, Dave, who begins showing up on the island at random times. The story is surprisingly deep, with a big twist. It culminates in Hugo sharing his first kiss with Libby. I cry every single time I watch it. His emotions are very relatable.  

2.) The Constant – Season 4, Episode 5

Most people’s favourite episode is The Constant and for good reason. At this point in the show, Desmond and some of the Oceanic Flight 815 crew are on Charles Widmore’s freighter. Having experienced strong waves of electromagnetic radiation, Desmond’s mind begins to travel between the past and present. The process speeds up his inevitable death and the only way he can remain in the here and now is to find a constant. A constant is something or someone that exists in the past and the present. For Desmond, it’s the love of his life: Penelope Widmore, Charles’s daughter. This episode has time travel, science fiction, romance and suspense. It is absolutely top tier.

3.) The Man Behind The Curtain – Season 3, Episode 20

We all know by now that Benjamin Linus is my favourite television character of all time. You can find out why hereThe Man Behind The Curtain is Ben’s backstory. We learn about how he came to the island, the way he was treated as a child and what led to him becoming the leader of The Others. If you haven’t sympathised with him up to this point, you will after the episode ends. It will change your entire perspective of our lovable villain. I cannot get enough Ben, so this was inevitably going to make my list.

4.) The Brig – Season 3, Episode 19

If I ever rank the seasons of Lost, I think 3 will be in my top spot. The Brig has one of the best twists in the entire show. We finally learn the link between Sawyer and John Locke and let me tell you, the payoff is so worth it. It really cements that nothing is coincidental on the island. The characters are all tied together in some fated way. I don’t want to spoil it for anybody but if you know, you know!

5.) Not in Portland – Season 3, Episode 7

Last, but certainly not least, we have Not in Portland. Viewers are given insight into Juliet’s backstory and how she came to the island. She is one of my favourite characters and her acting in this episode is phenomenal. We learn how incredibly intelligent she is, but also deeply compassionate and selfless. If you weren’t a fan of her before, you will be after learning of her struggles. It has an uneasy element to it, giving audiences a message that once you come to the island, it’s near impossible to leave it.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you agree with my list? Let me know your favourite episodes! 

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  1. It’s time for me to rewatch Lost, I think!
    I love the beginning of season 2, where we’re all dying to know what’s beneath the hatch but the episode starts with what looks like a flashback… or is it? We meet Desmond..
    The Constant is one episode that I remember well from just the title – another great one with Desmond in it.

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