Ranking American Horror Stories – Season 3!

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Today I will be ranking all of the episodes from American Horror Stories – Season 3. If you wish to see my dedicated posts for Season 1 and 2, you can check that out here and here. Just to be clear, AHS and American Horror Stories are not the same thing. They are set in the same universe (created by the same director: Ryan Murphy) but stand on their own as separate television shows. One is a continuing story; the other is made up of individual stories. This year, there was a 4-episode Halloween special, making the season much shorter than the previous two. Without further ado (from most to least favourite) let’s get into my list! Spoilers ahead!

1.) Bestie

Spoiler alert but my ranking is the same as the order of the episodes. In first place, we have Bestie. It follows a teenage girl grieving her mother. In her loneliness, she connects with a deformed girl online, who shares similar interests and a tragic past. It isn’t long before her new pal becomes a bad influence and things start to spiral out of control. We’ve seen this tale time and time again. Beware online stranger danger. However, I think this story was unique in the fact that it wasn’t a predatory male but a younger female with an ulterior motive. It also highlights how people prey on the vulnerable and isolate them. The ending was so chilling, it easily hit my top stop.

2.) Daphne 

In second place, we have Daphne. This episode definitely had a Black Mirror vibe to it. In a world where a new pandemic has everyone in lockdown, an art curator is given a high-tech, virtual assistant named Daphne. At first, she proves herself to be extremely useful and valuable to her owner, but as time passes, she uses her technology to take over his world entirely. If you didn’t know, the AI was voiced by Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite its predictability, I truly enjoyed this one. It was relevant and didn’t feel too unbelievable, given what artificial intelligence is already capable of. I wish it had been longer but given the short amount of time, it was well done.

3.) Tapeworm 

In third place, we have Tapeworm. I want to give a huge trigger warning for eating disorders because this episode does not hold back. Desperate to be on the cover of Vogue, a beautiful young model is told by her agent that she’s too fat. Willing to do whatever it takes; she visits a doctor who prescribes her a tapeworm. All she has to do is ingest it and watch the pounds drop at a rapid rate. As you can imagine, this has dangerous and deadly results. The episode was quite gross, and the ending, very difficult to watch. However, I really liked the main actress. I thought she did an incredible job in her role. I was captivated from start to finish.

4.) Organ

In last place, we have Organ. This was the season finale. It follows a selfish womaniser, who pays the piper for his actions when one of his kidneys is stolen after a hookup. This was the most forgettable episode and a little lacklustre. I know the main character was meant to be unlikable, but I could not stand him. I also don’t understand how he was able to pull so many women. He definitely got what was coming to him!

Thank you so much for reading. What did you think of my post? Did you agree with my list? How would rank the episodes?

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