ARTVO – Photo Diary

Hi all! Today I am going to be sharing a really beautiful photo diary. Thank you to my family and husband for taking all of the wonderful pictures.  In 2017, ARTVO – an immersive 3D gallery – came to Melbourne featuring the work of 14 talented artists that specialise in creating interactive paintings. This month, … More ARTVO – Photo Diary

Mystical Mandalas

‘Mandalas help us access a deeper creative source that goes beyond logic and order into mystery, creativity and intuition.’ Mandalas are so much more than colourful spheres, works of art or alluring patterns. Translated in Sanskrit, Mandala means ‘circle’ and represents wholeness. Originating in India, the Hindus were the first to utilise Mandalas as a … More Mystical Mandalas

Chia Creations!

Before I became a vegan, I barely cooked or created anything in the kitchen. I felt like I wasn’t meant for cooking and that my poor future family would be subjected to my culinary catastrophes for a lifetime. Since living out of home and being introduced to the wonderful world of a nutritious, delicious plant-based … More Chia Creations!