What Vegans Eat!

Hi all! I’m here today to share with you some drool-worthy food photography! There is a common misconception that vegans only eat salad and fruit but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Vegans can eat absolutely everything just in a plant based form. I can almost guarantee you we eat more than most people … More What Vegans Eat!

Chia Creations!

Before I became a vegan, I barely cooked or created anything in the kitchen. I felt like I wasn’t meant for cooking and that my poor future family would be subjected to my culinary catastrophes for a lifetime. Since living out of home and being introduced to the wonderful world of a nutritious, delicious plant-based … More Chia Creations!

A Moment of Gratitude

‘A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude’ – Bruce Wilkinson When you think about gratitude or being grateful… what comes to mind? How do you define the concept of gratification? I believe gratitude to be a quality of being thankful and having the ability to show or feel an appreciation for the … More A Moment of Gratitude

Forest Haven

Last weekend, Francis and I went to stay at Forest Haven which is an all Vegan, Eco-Friendly Bed & Breakfast situated two hours out of Melbourne in the heart of the beautiful Pyrenees Region. It was such a peaceful and relaxing way to celebrate our anniversary/my birthday. It was comforting knowing we were going to … More Forest Haven