Hello! My name is Rebecca Rossi and I’m an author/vegan/star gazer/avid reader/bohemian traveler and so much more!

I hope you are inspired by what you read on my blog and it compels you to be more joyful in your own life.


I really appreciate you taking the time to read and support my blog posts!

I post every Monday morning 🙂 

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If you wish to purchase a copy of my first novel in the Signs of the Zodiac Series – Astrology Pond – you are more than welcome to from the following links:

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If you wish to purchase a copy of my second novel in the Signs of the Zodiac Series – Facing the Stars – you are more than welcome to from the following links:

Facing the Stars on Serenity Press

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Facing The Stars on Amazon

If you would like to contact me, you are more than welcome to on geminibec17@hotmail.com

Peace & Love xx


21 thoughts on “About

  1. hello rebecca,

    greetings from kuala lumpur!
    thank you for taking an interest in my work/blog and following.
    much appreciated.
    your blog is filled with healthy, lively and colourful goodness ,like!
    fruits, vegetables and grains are some of my daily favourites
    not much into meat, but not a vegan yet, as i do enjoy seafood and some poultry.
    all the best.

    best regards,


    1. Hi Ken! Greetings and thank you for the kind words! I really enjoy the photographs and talent you share! In glad you like mine as well! Take care and I look forward to more posts soon! Rebecca


      1. Oh, that’s wonderful! If there is anything you’d ever like to know about it, please just ask me. You can certainly search it up, or ask your friends, but I feel compelled to offer you my services x)


    1. Hi Wendy! How are you? Yes I took down all my social media a month ago and wrote a blog on why I did check it out :)! Thank you for your concern ❤️ hope you’re well xx


      1. Good to hear that you are well! Yes, I saw that you’ve written about the reason you quit social media after I left the comment! Haha I will definitely check it out. I am fascinated to know why you decided to stop doing it, also it reminds me the moment when I quit Facebook about 6 months ago! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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