Book Reviewing Policy

Hi all!

I am extremely happy to announce that my blog and social media accounts are now at a stage of recognition that I am being contacted regularly to review books from various authors and publishers. For this reason, I’ve decided to add a Book Reviewing Policy page to my website. I have already created one on my regular Instagram page @my_bookish_universe and my bookclub page’ll find them saved in the highlights section.


If you wish to contact me for the purposes of reading/reviewing books, you can do so either on my email address: or you can DM (direct message) me on either of my Instagram accounts mentioned above. If you decide to reach out to me, I will happily read/review your book provided it meets the following guidelines: 

1.) It needs to be free: In the past, I have had authors ask me to purchase a copy of their book with my own money as well as read/review/promote it. In my opinion, this is quite rude. It is important to understand that whilst I love to read/review books, it is a business arrangement. In exchange for a copy, I will provide an honest review/promotion.

2.) I do not accept PDF’s or Word Documents: Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to read through this particular format. I prefer physical copies or Kindle e-books.

3.) I live in Australia: I’m including this point because I have had certain companies/publishers reach out me asking to review their products/books. Upon learning that I live in Australia, they have had to cancel the arrangement because of shipping restrictions/costs. Before contacting me, make sure you are happy and able to send your book to Australia.

4.) Prepare for an interview: I love interviewing authors after reading their books. You are absolutely under no obligation to participate in an interview but just know, I’m probably going to ask you 🙂

5.) Do not send me misogynistic, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, fat-phobic and discriminatory content: That is all.

6.) I am open to all genres: If you’re wondering what particular types of books I prefer to read/review, you can be rest assured that I am open to all genres. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical, non-fiction and more…send them all my way!


A timely, professional and honest book review on my blog and social media accounts. I will take a nice photographic image of your book cover, promote you as an author and your novel as well. If you wish for me to leave reviews on other websites (e.g. Amazon) please outline that clearly and I will happily do so. As mentioned above, I will also send interview questions if you feel comfortable and if you’re happy with my work, feel free to continue the relationship should you release sequels or brand new novels. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. I cannot wait to work with you! Thanking you in advance…

Peace & Love xoxo