What I’ve Learnt In Six Months As A First Time Parent

Hi all!

Today I am back with what I’ve learnt parenting a six month old baby. So much has happened since I posted my last update. Abigail experienced her first Christmas and we officially moved into our new house! She also started eating solids, sitting up and believe it or not, crawling!

So first let’s discuss Christmas. Abi being the only grandchild on both our sides of the family was inevitably spoilt with gifts. She received so many lovely things but Francis and I decided not to buy her anything as there was no point. We dressed her up in a reindeer onesie and celebrated with both our families. I dressed up as Mrs. Claus and Francis was Prancer.

We set up our Christmas tree in the new house, hung her stocking and placed her personalised bauble right on the top branch. Her nursery is now fully decorated with a beautiful view of the reserve beyond. I may do a nursery tour post in the near future. Abi took a while to settle in to her new home but now she’s used to it and very happy.

On New Years Day we put her in the stunning dress (see above) that was a gift from my sister. It came from a market in Tasmania, completely handmade.

Whilst things have been much easier, Abi experienced a setback with day naps. She was going down quite easily during the day at my mum’s place but since we moved, she fought sleep. It was a disappointing setback but once she turned 6 months, we decided to try cry it out. I know a lot of people are against that but we were at our wits end. We would spend every day driving around just to get her to sleep and we couldn’t get a single thing done around the house. Abi was miserable because she was so tired and we were miserable from it all. One day, I popped her in her cot when she was drowsy, kissed her and walked out. To my surprise, she cried for a total of three minutes and slept for over an hour! She woke up a much happier baby. Since that day, she has been going down much easier and never cries for longer than 10 minutes. It’s made all of us much happier!

Abi doesn’t need to feed as often as before. She can now go between 3-5 hours without a feed but we finally got her started on solids which was super exciting. For the last couple of months, she was showing interest in our food. She had been ready for quite some time. I bought her some iron fortified rice cereal and a couple of days before she turned six months, we sat her in her high chair and mixed some of the cereal with breast milk.

On her first try, she was very confused but as we kept progressing she began to eat more and welcome the spoon. So cute!

Abigail is such a remarkable little human (no bias) at 6 months. She is crawling already and blowing raspberries from morning till night. We actually have to watch her because she moves lightning fast on her hands and knees trying to grab everything in sight! Two of her bottom teeth have also already erupted! I love seeing her adorable pearly whites when she smiles.

I’m enjoying this stage so much more and I find it just keeps getting better and better and easier and easier. I cannot wait to see how much she will change by 7 months.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & Love xoxox

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  1. Abi is so adorable, growing up so fast already! So lovely to see her the other day and definitely she loves the grab things 😀 Thank you for your time my friend, and looking forward to seeing you again xxx

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