My 10 Favourite Lip Syncs On Drag Race US!

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With All Stars 8 set to air this week, I thought I would share my top 10 favourite lip syncs from the US franchise. Please note, I am not including any lip-sync finale battles. This is main stage territory only. Are you ready for some iconic, memorable and jaw-dropping performances? I certainly am! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Note: Cover image was taken by my brother-in-law at Drag Expo last year. You can check out my review of the event here

1.) Jinkx Monsoon Vs. Detox (Season 5)

My all-time favourite lip sync is Jinkx Monsoon vs. Detox on Season 5. It was the first time we got to see Jinkx lip sync, and she did not disappoint! The pair performed to Malambo No 1 and tensions were high. Detox was determined to come out on top, but she made a critical error. She underestimated our queen of queens. It’s timeless and an iconic moment in Drag Race herstory.

2.) Laganja Estranja Vs. Trinity K Bonet (All Stars 6)

This might be one of my most re-watched lip syncs! Starting from All Stars 5, current contestants had to battle it out against a former lip sync assassin every week. By All Stars 6, fans were hooked on this new format. We had no idea who would be behind that curtain, so when Laganja dropped from above into a split, the queens were screaming…and so was I. They danced to Physical by Dua Lipa and whilst Trinity held her own, all eyes were on Laganja as she put on the show of her life! Gagged!!!

3.) Ginger Minj Vs. Mayhem Miller (All Stars 6)

Speaking of All Stars 6, I have to mention Ginger Minj vs. Mayhem Miller. The pair were quite good friends outside of the show and this really came through in their performance. They lip sync to Lizzo’s catchy track: Phone. The comedy they both serve is iconic! It’s hilarious and perfectly timed. I love when Eureka yells ‘Gingy.’ It’s so cute!

4.) Lady Camden Vs. Daya Betty (Season 14)

This was such a fun lip sync from Season 14. Both Daya Betty and Lady Camden were fighting for the win, but it was Lady Camden, dressed as Freddie Mercury, who deservedly came out on top. The pair perform to One Way or Another by Blondie. It’s dynamic and exciting. P.S. the moustache reveal? What a complete and total serve!

5.) Yvie Oddly Vs. Brooke Lynn Hytes (Season 11) 

This is one for the herstory books friends! After abysmal Snatch Game performances, the two front runners, Yvie Oddly Brooke Lynn Hytes, battled it out to Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato. They put on such an outstanding show, RuPaul saved them both from elimination. We got to witness some of the best tricks and moves the main stage has ever seen!

6.) Thorgy Thor Vs. Chi Chi DeVayne (Season 8)

If you want to cry, this is the lip sync to watch. It is SO emotional. The late and great Chi Chi DeVayne gave her whole heart on the stage as she belted out And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going by Jennifer HollidayThorgy also did a good job but it’s Chi Chi that brought tears to my eyes. The pearls ripping? Ugh!!!! You can feel this one in every fibre of your being.

7.) Denali Vs. Kahmora Hall (Season 13)

When I say I love this lip sync from Season 13, I mean I loved Denali. Unfortunately, Kahmora struggled to move in her gown, so she barely performed. It’s Denali that gave everything and more on the main stage. The way she was able to mime building a house and hands on a clock was genius. 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters is such a great track to play with. It cemented our ice-skating queen as a lip-sync assassin and one to watch.

8.) Dida Ritz Vs. The Princess (Season 4) 

Similar to the lip sync above, this was a one-sided performance. Dida Ritz wiped the floor with The Princess to This Will Be by Natalie Cole. Even more iconic, Natalie was a guest judge that week and got to witness the iconic show. You could tell she was loving every second!

9.) Silky Nutmeg Ganache Vs. Herself (All Stars 6) 

I nearly didn’t include this lip sync, but I had to. In All Stars 6Silky Nutmeg Ganache was eliminated early. However, she more than redeemed herself when she returned for the Lip Sync Lalaparuza. With six wins in a row, she held the record for the most lip sync wins above any other queen. When it was her time to perform against AkeriaRuPaul informed her that her castmate had decided not to come back. Silky decided to give a solo performance anyway. Dressed as both male and female, we got the most laugh-out-loud number to Barbie Girl by Aqua. Genius!

10.) Sasha Colby Vs. Anetra (Season 15) 

Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have Sasha Colby vs. Anetra. This was my sexual awakening. I am such a Sasha Colby fan, and this lip sync proved why she is a perfect human being. She is so hot! Anetra also pulls out every stop. I added I’m in Love with a Monster by Fifth Harmony the second this episode aired. We all got the show we wanted, and it didn’t disappoint.

Here are five honorable mentions:

1.) Alyssa Edwards vs. Tatianna (All Stars 2)

2.) Latrice Royale vs. Kenya Michaels (Season 4)

3.) Monet X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottoms (Season 10)

4.) Jorgeous vs. Orion Story (Season 14)

5.) Jujubee vs. Sahara Davenport (Season 2)

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite US lip syncs? Are you excited for All Stars 8? I cannot wait to see what iconic performances come out of it!

Peace & Love xoxo

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