My Theme For 2018!

Hi all! Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a safe and wonderful holiday season. For 2018, I have decided to set a theme for my year rather than unrealistic resolutions and expectations I know I won’t stick to. I sourced this idea from the wonderful Lavendaire (Aileen Xu) whom I’ve mentioned before on this … More My Theme For 2018!

‘Around The World’ Christmas Celebration! – Photo Diary

Hi all! On Christmas Eve, my family and I got together for our annual festive celebration. Every single year we dress up according to a new theme, play games, eat lots of delicious food and open our gifts at midnight. It is my absolute favourite time. This year’s theme was ‘Around the World.’ We had … More ‘Around The World’ Christmas Celebration! – Photo Diary

31 Days Of Self-Discovery! (Journaling Challenge)

Hi all! Today I am going to be sharing with you a 31 day journaling challenge I have created. These prompts/questions will revolve around self-love and discovery. I’ve always loved to write and let streams of consciousness flow from my pen onto the blank pages but I understand that it can be difficult knowing where … More 31 Days Of Self-Discovery! (Journaling Challenge)